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86% of student study enquiries

fall between 8pm - 2am

After-hours, online support is a low-barrier way to first engage students with your support services.

In a 2017 University trial, 28% of users had not used any other support services prior to YourTutor; a new cohort engaged. *

And because after-hours support is a different, urgent need. 

  • Ensure 24/7, just-in-time help
  • Improve average GPA across entire cohorts*
  • Capture behavourial insight to proactively improve your students' experience
  • Bridge the after-hours gap as part of a holistic support system
* March 2017 Australian University trial, presented at the Universities UK conference on innovation and excellence in teaching and learning.

Academic integrity you can trust

We work with our Academic Advisory Board, to ensure the highest quality student learning experiences.

Further, all learning support delivered by YourTutor is based in constructivist methodology and problem-based learning, to deliver learning experiences that are academically sound, honest, and ethical.

We invite educators to read our policies and methodologies.

An introduction for University students


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Watch this quick video to see the two different sides to our service: live and on-demand, plus 24/7 writing feedback.

"With YourTutor, we can make sure our students get help the moment they need it, even nights and weekends, and our student satisfaction and completion rates reflect this."

Professor David Battersby, Vice Chancellor, Federation University Australia


Proud partner of Australia's leading education providers