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Lorrie Stearns,  Children and Youth Librarian at Wyndham Library

Libraries are shifting from loaning to learning. What's your library's strategy?

In Australia, we are all being driven to personal, lifelong learning: competitive schooling, upskilling for employment and technology, and escalating online course enrolments.

No community hub has more potential than public libraries to benefit from, and drive, this personal learning boom.

YourTutor can help.

What is YourTutor?


On-demand, 24/7

Netflix, Uber - and now add your library. With YourTutor and a library Member card, your library stays by their side, whether 3pm in-branch, to 10pm at home on a Saturday, and everywhere in between.


Expert help

YourTutor's online staff are the best, all with prior experience and all passing our famously-stringent tests and training; even for the exacting standards of a librarian.


In the cloud

Drive all the learning and Member engagement outcomes, without the burden of infrastructure or technology investment. 


You need a service that engages more of the community, so that's what we do.

YourTutor supports ages 7 to 77, including Youth and Family, Job-Readiness, ESL-Support, and School Outreach, so you can engage more Members in-branch and support more online. With YourTutor, you know you are complementing and driving all your Members and services holisitically, from loans to lectures.

Is your council driven by data? So are we.

We know it's important to stay up-to-date with your service activity and prove local impact. YourTutor helps you track custom data just for your library, including local school engagement, activity by branch, and postcode. So you can use YourTutor to drive and complement a wide range of other library services, too.

We value our reviews from information professionals like you:

“Access to YourTutor with a library card is the single most effective way of encouraging students to join their local library that I have ever come across."

- Sue Norris
Youth Librarian, Gladstone Regional Library

"Thousands of students are going to go feel more confident and more interested in their study, we also hope thousands of teachers will see benefits in class the next day. All this can only be a positive thing for the future prosperity and economic health of the Penrith region."

- Colin Stevenson
Library Manager, Penrith City Library

"To be honest, YourTutor has been our rockstar resource; it has been our best subscription ever. We had been discussing getting YourTutor for a couple of years because we saw a need, and we were right about that - it has been so worthwhile, with two top-ups already in its first year." 

- Susan Thompson
Collections Manager, City of Greater Dandenong Libraries

Let us help you, help your community

Every library is different, so YourTutor is flexible to fit your community, branches, and budget.

Tell us how we can support your strategy this year.


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