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Why the school has a role on both sides of the school fence


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Headmaster of The King's School, Dr Timothy Hawkes

YourTutor is after-hours support that goes where your students go

A successful pedagogical shift to the flipped classroom also requires a shift in the school's role after-hours.

YourTutor helps your school take responsibility for flipped learning, with personalised, at-scale support online, the moment it's needed.


Friendly, expert online staff; even friendlier on the school budget

YourTutor is after-hours, online help; right when they need it. Just like a traditional on-campus homework centre - YourTutor is more flexible for student commitments, staffed by hundreds of experts, and open longer hours. 



Is it time to normalise help-seeking, enquiry, and critical thinking?

"YourTutor provides an excellent opportunity for students to take control of their learning whilst at the same time it encourages a love of learning and a culture of learning across the school community."

- Mr Christopher Gold, Principal, St John's College

Read Matt's 99.9 story:

"It kept me motivated to continue revising because I wouldn’t get frustrated and give up if I came across a question I couldn’t answer."

- Matt Bishop, 2014 Dux at Saint Stephen's College on the Gold Coast, ATAR 99.9. Read more about Matt's story and how he used YourTutor.

Learning outcomes, as well as school outcomes

Behind thousands of unique student learning outcomes, there's even more for the school itself, including the custom data and reporting you need.

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The best technology makes itself invisible; so learning outcomes come first.


After-hours, 7 days a week


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How high are our standards? We even get teachers' tick of approval.  


"YourTutor offers an independent voice, not a voice that will rewrite the assignment, story or essay, but a critical voice that can assist the students to improve their work. There is no doubt that those students who use the service regularly have benefited. Just receiving feedback that makes them think about their writing is a huge advantage." 

- Babs Helleman, Head of English, The Kings’ School


You've flipped their learning, will you flip their support too?

Because every school is different, tell us what you need to know first.


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