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As educators, we understand the challenge of teaching students how to write. Students need to complete drafts, get feedback, and then re-write. It's time consuming, and hard work for teachers and students. 

That's why we developed 24/7 Writing Feedback. It's designed to meet the needs of schools in today's world, take the after-hours workload off your teaching staff, and help your students improve their writing skills.

"YourTutor offers an independent voice, not a voice that will rewrite the assignment, story or essay, but a critical voice that can assist the students to improve their work. There is no doubt that those students who use the service regularly have benefited. Just receiving feedback that makes them think about their writing is a huge advantage." 

- B. Helleman, Head of English, The Kings’ School


How do we help international schools?

  • Ethical, affordable, personalised writing support
  • Reduction of after-hours workloads for teaching staff
  • Improved student confidence, skills and marks
  • Increased family satisfaction

"I believe YourTutor is the best online learning tool available to students. Every time I use it my marks are above my average, and it especially helps me with writing essays - where there's always space for improvement." 

- High School student from Perth, WA

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