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WSU Future Students with YourT

1. Engage future students 

Western Sydney University’s high-school student engagement service partnered with YourTutor to deliver one-to-one learning conversations. In its first 12 months, students logged more than 2,000 hours with YourTutor, helping WSU build new relationships, attract and engage new students for recruitment, and to increase student capability across Greater Western Sydney.

"The online tutor let me do it all by myself and I actually understood it. I realised it wasn’t so hard at all! My family tried to explain the process but it seemed confusing when they explained."

- Year 9 student, on their WSU-provided YourTutor service

2. Build capability

Edith Cowan University is committed to breaking down barriers to education, and is known as a pioneer in the development of alternative entry pathways to higher education. ECU supports a growing number of high schools, more than 20 in 2016, by sponsoring the service of YourTutor to those student populations.

ECU is able to show genuine, tangible benefits to school students, present value to school partners and influencers, and increase equitable access to educational assistance across the region.

"By ECU providing YourTutor at my school I, as a student, will benefit a lot from it and I can gain so many important and outstanding skills that will get me some great achievements in the future."

- Student, Ballajura Community College, on their ECU YourTutor service


Complement motivation with capability


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Annette Cairnduff, Director Social Inclusion at Sydney University

3. Grow opportunity

"The University of Sydney's Compass program works with young people and their teachers and parents, to build the confidence and motivation to succeed through education and make informed decisions about their post-school options."  

YourTutor offers every student in the program live, personalised homework help right when they need it to support academic preparation. YourTutor is there when students visit the University campus, and it's also available to them at home.

Each student might not have the same resources available as the next - but YourTutor's on-demand support is for everyone, everywhere, even nationally.

4. Boost confidence

UWSCollege students are driven by learning and progression into further study. YourTutor is there to provide essential one-to-one support to help make these dreams a reality.

UWSCollege students get on-demand, live help with the highest levels of secondary school subjects, in addition to first-year university levels of economics, accounting, and more.

"Really broke this down for me, it is hard when you have been out of study and then try and break the habit and get back into it. Sometimes you need someone to put it in plain language for you, and the online tutor did just that. Thank you so much."  

- Business Law Student


5. Deliver a world-class student experience

Recognising that students can study anywhere, anytime, on-campus, off-campus, or overseas, the University of Sunshine Coast uses YourTutor to deliver live, local academic support that is just as flexible.

"They led me in a way which helped me to build an understanding and derive the facts instead of being explicitly taught. Found this extremely helpful."  

- Student, University of Sunshine Coast

6. Enable success

"At Federation University we understand that starting your life as a university student is exciting, but that it also involves change with a challenge or two along the way."

Federation University has offered its first year students YourTutor since 2014. With a mission of personal, student-focused support, the University helps students succeed by delivering on-demand help after hours.


"With YourTutor, Federation University can give our students on-demand,
high-quality learning support and feedback, from local Australian and New
Zealand teachers... and also lets us extend access to learning for all our
students regardless of their location. With YourTutor we can make sure our
students get help the moment they need it, even nights and weekends, and
our student satisfaction and completion rates reflect this."

-Professor David Battersby, Vice Chancellor, Federation University Australia

Are recruitment and retention the same journey yet, at your University?

Download Jack Goodman's paper: 'Making recruitment and retention the same journey'. 

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