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Why future students need more than motivation 

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  Annette Cairnduff, Director of Social Inclusion at the University of Sydney, talks about her experience with YourTutor in the Compass outreach program.

Make it personal

Academic personalisation is proven when it comes to student success and tertiary attainment results; but, for Universities it has never been possible at-scale. Fortunately, that's how we help.

YourTutor is personalised academic engagement, at scale

YourTutor is 24/7 online help. Because students aren't thinking about their future most of the time. They're thinking about homework. With YourTutor, your University is front and centre for these thousands of academic moments for thousands of students.

We believe in data-driven and cost-effective recruitment, with a conscience

The most valuable program your University will provide to students and their influencers, YourTutor is not only ethical and academically-relevant, it's your pass into daily engagement and data.

YourTutor delivers insight into your future students on an academic level; giving your team the freedom to be more predictive, less reactive

"With YourTutor, SCU has helped me with several maths problems and I feel more confident. I am interested in a scientific career and maths will help me achieve this."

Richmond River High School, NSW.
Plans after Year 12: Southern Cross University

Why YourTutor works for university marketing and recruitment:



Be in more places at once.



Because anything else is a waste.


Data driven

We all have something to prove.

"The on-demand help offered by YourTutor
made the flow of study much easier as I was
able to take charge of my learning and get
help in the areas that I feel I lacked

Tiffany West, ECU Teaching Student, Former student of
Greenwood College, supported by ECU

It's easier when your school partners see value as well:

“The benefits of this program transcend the obvious in helping students to better grasp concepts and helping them complete set tasks. An intrinsic benefit has been the growth in self confidence and a belief in themselves as they overcome perceived shortcomings through improved understanding.” 

- Armando Giglia, Principal, Mirrabooka SHS (2001-2011) 


Deciding on a more competitive future students strategy?

Whether 5 schools or 500, whether your focus is regional or international, YourTutor has the flexibility to grow and complement your existing strategies.

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