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Deputy CEO and Head of Programs, Frances Coppolillo,
Melbourne Polytechnic

The missing piece is 24/7 support

VocEd students are more likely to be studying part time, have work and family commitments, and represent lower-SES backgrounds.

Flexibility and personal support is essential for success.

That's why YourTutor is 24/7, one-to-one, online study support that your Institute can deliver at scale.

How is your Institute planning to support and engage students in a transitioning industry?

We can help

"We've thoroughly tested the alternatives when it comes to live, on-demand learning support for our students, and our conclusion is unambiguous. For quality, value, impact and experience - we are very happy we've chosen YourTutor to provide additional support for our students."

- Diane Robbie, Director of Learning, Swinburne Online


Build essential academic skills


Live or 24/7 review


Trusted and Ethical

Outcomes, flexibility, confidence:

"In the first six months, teachers reported a higher number of assignments being completed and handed in, in addition to them being of a more thoughtful and higher standard."

- OTEN YourTutor service, established 2012

"YourTutor offers our students flexibility and the opportunity to get study skills support, when they need it, at the time they are working on their assignments."

- Frances Coppolillo, Deputy CEO and Head of Programs, Melbourne Polytechnic

"My tutor was very helpful. I'm so glad I can upload things for the tutor to see what I am doing, I am very glad the tutoring is based at evening time, cause I work all day and this is my time off. Thanks."

- TAFE Queensland Brisbane student


Reporting as unique as your Institute

YourTutor does more than help your students.

Get a never-before-seen side to your students' study patterns, activity by course, and where the demand is for support.

YourTutor integrates seamlessly into your LMS system, so the sky's the limit for uncovering data to help drive retention and satisfaction.

How is your Institute adapting?

Let us help.

In just 24 months, 40% of Australian TAFE Institutes have already moved to YourTutor for 24/7 student support.

We know every Institute is unique. Tell us what you need to know.

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